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Special applications / Modular cabinet for naval applications

04 April 2024
Special applications / Modular cabinet for naval applications

Custom-built modular cabinet for the naval sector

This custom-built project was realised for an important customer active in the naval sector, which demonstrates IRINOX's great skill in processing stainless steel according to requirements.

The composition starts from an AZ modular cabinet base, significantly reworking it to an even more complex enclosure, full of compartments and compartments of various types, with considerable depth.

Positioned in the ports, this electrical enclosure is designed to contain pumps and pulleys and is firmly fixed to the ground by means of special feet with integrated brackets.

In the bottom part, a tub socket has been provided for cable collection, with a gasketed cable gland plate to allow the passage of cables, as well as a buffer for a more homogeneous aesthetic effect. Also on the bottom is a plate where the various internal components are housed.

The panels enclosing the enclosure are not hinged doors, but removable panels with a triple safety catch:

  • Panelling closure with transparent lexan slits. 
  • Brackets with padlocks in the front panels.
  • Anti-vandalism side panels screwed in from the inside to prevent access to sensitive parts from the outside.

To enable optimum climate management inside the electrical enclosure, which is constantly exposed to sunlight, a ventilation hood is also integrated on the side.