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Our idea of renewal involves understanding the needs of customers and responding dynamically to competitive challenges.

Irinox S.p.A., Electrical Enclosures Division,has been designing and manufacturing stainless steel framework elements for electrical enclosures since 1989.
Thanks to its experience acquired over the years, coupled with ongoing technological research, Irinox is able to create premium-quality certified products that are competitive in the Italian and international markets and fulfil the specific needs of each customer.

Innovative solutions, customised production and immediate response are the cornerstones of the Irinox approach, thanks to personnel involved daily in guaranteeing products and services that exceed customer expectations, to ensure that the company continues to strengthen and boost its presence in the world market.


Ideas and Values

Irinox believes in responding dynamically and being able to evolve in relation to the demands and challenges coming from the market, where problems turn into opportunities for innovation and development.

Having a clear reference mission and vision is essential for forging a corporate culture.



We design and create standard or custom-made reliable and certified stainless steel electrical enclosures for each customer according to their specific needs. Each decision-making process accords with our declared mission and conveys the company purpose, because it reflects the profound meaning of its existence as a company.



Being a recognised and indispensable reference partner for each company that uses stainless steel electrical enclosures, for the added value and for the service provided. Our vision defines our strategies and ideas. In a fast-paced world, it is essential to be aware of changes, identify trends and respond dynamically, by exploring new solutions.

From standard
to custom-made

Choosing IRINOX electrical enclosures means relying on customised products designed and manufactured by the staff directly with the customer’s direct collaboration.

Irinox builds its electrical enclosures by studying the requirements of the location where its products will be installed, aided by a natural propensity for listening and exchanging ideas, for devising ever more flexible solutions.
Flexibility entails meeting the needs of each customer, for optimally satisfying their necessities while guaranteeing an extremely high processing quality. The quality of a product, such as customised electrical enclosures, can only be guaranteed by a team of highly qualified technicians who are actual designers and not mere executers.

The Irinox staff is distinguished by its extensive experience acquired in the sector, which makes it a specialist in its field. Thanks to the use of technologically innovative machines coupled with customised design by the technicians, IRINOX is able to offer its customers the most effective solution at all times.

In addition to standard products, which can be customised in terms of materials, size, drilling, etc., the company can manufacture unique solutions tailored to individual customers.

From standard to custom-made
Additional processing of your product

Additional processing
of your product

You’ve found the product that meets your needs but wish to make some changes to its dimensions or any other detail?

IRINOX accounts for your needs to optimally fulfil your requirements.
Download the .dwg file of the product you are interested in with the dimensions suited to your needs and send it to us by filling in the information request form with the changes you require (for example, special drilling solutions).

“Made in Italy” quality

We believe in our resources. This is why IRINOX electrical enclosures are entirely manufactured in Italy, in the plant based in Conegliano near Treviso, with a surface area of 15,000 m2.


Irinox responds to the market and to customers by diversifying its services and offering ongoing excellence.

Made in
All the products are built in our plants near Treviso.
We guarantee our customers a speedy and precise service.
A dedicated team always on hand to search for and offer the best solution.
We guarantee timely, daily and efficient support to our customers.
and Design Department
Expertise and reliability acquired in 30 years of business.
reserved platform
The new direct communication channel between Irinox and its customers.