Stainless steel Modular Cabinet


The range of IRINOX modular cabinets, in AISI 304L stainless steel, is composed of expandable structures ready for individual applications or in configurations with multiple units. The basic module, with blind door, forms the starting structure to be used also for application of other set-ups. Versatility and easy mounting make it possible to swap doors on the front of units and invert the screw-on side walls. 25/10 FeZn internal plate.


Stainless steel Modular Cabinet


  • Technical information
    Technical description
    Type of steel AISI 304L Scotch-brite
    Thicknesses Panelling 1.5 mm
    Door thicknesses 1.5 mm
    Door Blind door, rotation inside shoulder, reversible
    Door fastening Hinged with frame for W ≥ 550 mm
    Door opening 115°
    Telaio anta R= nominal D-130 S= H-100 pre-drilled 20 mm x 20 mm pipe mounted with stud bolts and joining corner element for earthing
    Closing system Concealed rotating handle
    Cabinet back Thickness 1.5 mm screwed-on
    Sides Not present, single, double
    Top Removable for frame with D ≥ 650 mm
    Cabinet bottom With removable modular cable gland plates
    Internal plate FeZn 2.5 mm
    Seal Polyurethane
    Technical data
    Minimum dimensions W= 200mm H= 1200mm D= 200mm
    Maximum dimensions Single door: W= 1200mm H= 2200mm D= 1000mm Double door: W= 2000mm H= 2200mm D= 1000mm
    Dimensional pitch 50 mm
    Door drilling reference E= W- 170 mm F= H- 140 mm
    Internal plate Lateral insertion, A= W- 110 mm B= H- 85 mm
    Useful depth G= nominal D-150 (individual door) G= nominal D-160 (two doors without centre support)
    Iterasse fissaggio armadio M12 three-way element position on top and bottom: W- 80 mm nominal D - 80 mm M10 floor mounting with feet, plinth: W- 127 mm D- 127 mm
  • Customisation
    Customisation options
    Thicknesses 2 mm
    Material AISI 316L, A316 titanium
    Finishes SN Coarse satin, coating, micro shotpeening, passivation
    Seal Silicone coated up to H 2000mm
    Door Hinges on right, screwed-on
    Sides Screwed-on panelling, with D ≥ 650 mm with reinforcement frame to be requested when ordering. • Structure with sides: Total W = W+7
    Internal plate • Material A304L or A316L, thickness 1.5 mm • Standard internal plate W-110, partial internal plate W-55, full internal plate W-0 • Standard internal plate with insertion from front
    Manoeuvre arm Rinforzo interno in corrispondenza del giunto applicabile su cielo o fianchi
    Components on request A316 eye bolts, A316 screws
    Cabinet back Hinged on left or right

    *da verificare in fase d’ordine

  • Product accessories
    • Inner door
    • Vertical and horizontal partition wall
    • Upper cable compartment
    • Interblock system with rods for series configurations
    • Plinth
    • Rain canopy
    • Control console
    • Wheels
    • Feet
    • Protective windows
    • Base
    • 30° dust canopy
    • Wall mounting brackets
    • Pre-drilled door support
    • Transformer support
  • Technical drawings
    Download the DWG files: Download the PDF files:
  • Certifications on request

    Single door: IP69K Entire range: UL-CSA

  • Standard certifications
    Download the documentation relative to the standard certifications:

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