Partners for Success

TT Italy Spa

07 junio 2021
TT Italy Spa

"IRINOX ha sido uno de nuestros principales proveedores durante muchos años y desde el principio nos ha demostrado una excelente experiencia y profesionalidad. Confiamos en IRINOX para la compra de cuadros eléctricos que se instalan en nuestras líneas industriales en todo el mundo y no podríamos hacer una elección mejor porque es una garantía de seguridad, higiene y calidad que perdura en el tiempo".

Elvis Turcato y Nicola Varutti | Directores Generales de TT Italy Spa

TT Italy SPA
V.le G. Mangiarotti, 15 – 33033 Codroipo (UD) – Italy
Ph. +0432 820141


Creating valuable partnerships with customers means first of all being transparent and involve them in achieving lasting performance over time, with a view to mutual growth. This is the value underlying the successful partnership between Irinox and TT Italy S.p.A. A multi-year collaboration consisting of observations and listening, esteem and respect. Values ​​that have allowed both companies to optimize processes, perfect applications and guarantee satisfactory results.


TT Italy, working in the food & beverage sector, needs solutions that guarantee a high level of hygiene also with regard to electrical enclosures. A need that Irinox hygienic series was able to respond to promptly. Irinox's line with hygienic certification was created in response to European regulations which require the handling, preparation, processing and packaging of food to take place with specially designed machinery and hygienic places.

A certified line that therefore meets the requirements of the EN 1672-2 standard regarding hygiene in machinery and components for the food industry.

The relationship between TT Italy and Irinox has been consolidated   over time thanks to numerous customized solutions.

Starting from the junction boxes of the ADH series up to the large modular cabinets of the AZ series. The whole range of Irinox products has found application in the machinery produced by TT Italy.


"Irinox has been one of our main suppliers for many years and immediately showed us excellent competence and professionalism. We rely on Irinox for the purchase of electrical enclosures to be installed on our industrial lines throughout the world and we could not make a better choice because it guarantees safety, hygiene and quality that lasts over time”

Elvis Turcato e Nicola Varutti | Chief Executive Officers of TT Italy Spa