Stainless steel electrical enclosures for shaping ideas and dressing reality.


IRINOX designs multiple solutions dedicated to the packaging sector and the packaging of pharmaceuticals, food and other products.

The packaging industry is a constantly evolving sector that must obligatorily adapt to the needs of manufacturers and consumers.

Ensuring the safety of the product processed and transported in packaging systems is crucial to the proper functioning of the product handling and distribution process.

The same materials used in this sector must be doubly safe in the case of contact with food and drugs by providing high resistance to moisture, light and oxidation.

IRINOX electrical enclosures are designed to minimise the risk of foreign substances entering the interior.

Profiles with rounded corners to facilitate cleaning, internal hinges to reduce crevices, sloping roofs to prevent dust and microorganisms from settling in, state-of-the-art hygienic locks, and removable silicone seals are all useful measures to maintain high hygiene standards.

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Solutions for this sector


Terminal box with Hygiene Design

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Enclosure in stainless steel

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Basic stainless steel compact cabinet

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Push button box with Hygiene Design

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Modular cabinet with Hygiene Design

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Stainless steel enclosure with sloping top and recessed door

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Hanging control unit with Hygiene Design

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