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Enclosures and cabinets in the environmental sector: WLP's dust-laying machines

12 April 2021
Enclosures and cabinets in the environmental sector: WLP's dust-laying machines

"Irinox provides us with a reliable product suitable for our worldwide marketed applications".

Mario Passeri | WLP Owner

WLP S.r.l. 
Via Broletti, 18 Castelnuovo, Trento 
T. +39 0461 751055 F. +39 0461 756903 


The machines made by WLP find application in various sectors which are however linked by a common feature: the aggressiveness of the installation environment.

Environments such as ports, steel mills, coal parks, tunnels and mines are in fact  characterized by an atmosphere rich in corrosive substances, humidity and dust. To these factors are added frequent mechanical stresses (vibrations, shocks).

The electrical enclosures in painted sheet metal were inadequate for the application as they were subject to rapid wear. Wear that fell on the overall image of the machinery and at the same time on safety.

Hence the choice to rely on Irinox and its high quality stainless steel. A metal with great qualities of corrosion resistance, thermal resistance and mechanical resistance.

For WLP as for IRINOX, quality is indispensable!




Irinox has been able to provide a product suitable for the customer's application right from the start. The EKO series enclosures and AZ cabinets guarantee, as standard, IP66 protection degree and IK10 degree of protection against external mechanical impacts. Stainless steel also makes the electrical enclosure more resistant over time by obviating corrosion problems and mechanical problems related to the application environments typical of machinery manufactured by WLP.

The machine can thus maintain its safety and aesthetic characteristics unaltered, thus preserving its value.

Finally, WLP was able to count on Irinox's high specialized technical support in the development of ad hoc electrical panels for the machinery it manufactures.



WLP S.r.l. is a company founded in 2005, specialising in the construction of machinery for dust control and abatement. 

Since its establishment, the company has taken important steps forward. The commercial structure is in full development and is constantly present with end users.

The company has over 6000 active machines worldwide and a potential market with excellent prospects.