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Universal Pack Srl

11 January 2021
Universal Pack Srl


Since 1965 Universal Pack located in San Giovanni Marignano (RN) has been manufacturing customized packaging machines and lines.

“In these 50 years,” they say “we have created innovative solutions for a still youg sector, for which we have left a tangible sign by creating the most effective packaging technologies, establishing ourselves as a leader in the production of vertical automatic sachet filling machines among the reference companies in the sector of wrapping and packaging”.

Universal Pack’s mission is therefore to always ensure total reliability and maximum productivity.

Universal Pack Srl
Via Vivare, 425 - 47842 San Giovanni in Marignano, Italia
Ph. +39 0541 955276  Fax. +39 0541 955400


Universal Pack has chosen Irinox Electrical Enclosures as its partner precisely because it reflects its most important qualities. Precision, efficiency, reliability and high mechanical resistence.

The heart of Universal-Pack’s work is technological innovation, technical competence and professionalism, which are synonymous with high quality, reliability and efficiency.

It is with these prerogatives that they constantly develop technologies that are easy to maintain, flexible and that meet standards in accordance with current regulations.

Thanks to its internal workshop, Universal Pack produces more than 80% of the machine components, so that we guarantee quality control on the most delicate components of the machine.

Irinox Electrical Enclosures therefore falls within the close circle of selected Universal Pack suppliers for competence and quality assurance.




The vertical packaging machines of the Theta series, designed and built to meet the highest standards of the pharmaceutical sector, are automatic continuous movement enveloping machines for the production of single-dose bags sealed on all four sides.

The technical offices of Irinox Electrical Enclosures and Universal Pack have worked constantly, side by side, for the development of a customized, distinctive and winning solution!

All the panels of the Theta bagging machine are produced by Irinox Electrical Enclosures. Compact cabinets with high customization of dimensions, thicknesses, interior fittings, reinforcements and punctures.




“Irinox has competent offices capable of supporting and following the client in the various phases that mark the realization of a project. And we are, now more than ever, excited to realize that the collaboration between Universal Pack Srl and Irinox SPA is a winner, an excellent starting point for great future projects! "

Robert Timmer | Technical Project Manager