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Food and Beverage technologies with IRINOX electrical enclosures: TMCI Padovan Group

15 March 2021
Food and Beverage technologies with IRINOX electrical enclosures: TMCI Padovan Group

"IRINOX Electrical Enclosures has been by our side for over 20 years with excellent quality products and effective collaboration. Thanks to this long-standing and valid collaboration, we have concretely realised many projects!"

Narciso Gatti | TMCI Padovan Operations Director

TMCI Padovan Spa
Via Caduti del Lavoro, 7 – 31029 Vittorio Veneto TV, Italia
Ph. +39 0438 4147 Fax. +39 0438 501044


The collaboration between Irinox Electrical Enclosures and TMCI Padovan is one of the longest lasting. In fact, the two companies have been collaborating for more than twenty years.

Both companies have gone through various stages of growth, strengthening their experience in the sectors they belong to, without ever losing sight of the scrupulous attention to the customer and the great propensity for innovation. In fact, both are constantly working to continue to be a point of reference in the market for customers all over the world.

Irinox Quadri Elettrici and TMCI Padovan also share the predisposition to develop all their systems with the best materials, through certified and controlled production processes.

The propensity for innovation therefore becomes, for both, a constant and stimulating daily challenge.


Thanks to an optimized use of resources and constant comparison in order to create a perfect synergy of know-how, research and development, Irinox Quadri Elettrici and TMCI Padovan have designed the perfect solution.

Compact cabinets, perforated boxes and ventilation systems to meet the growing safety needs in the workplace and to reduce maintenance times and costs.


TMCI Padovan is a Veneto-based company that has been writing the history of the food and beverage technologies sector for over 100 years. The group currently consists of four divisions

  • wine and beverage equipment (TMCI Padovan)
  • equipment for soft drinks and fruit juices (Blendtech)
  • equipment for beer (Easybrau Velo)
  • equipment for margarine, bakery products, jelly, cocoa, pastry and confectionery (Chemtech).


TMCI Padovan, like Irinox, does not just sell goods or services, but designs goods or services to meet the needs of its customers.