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Special applications / Modular cabinet for the oil industry

20 June 2024
Special applications / Modular cabinet for the oil industry

A large company operating in the oil & gas sector throughout the country asked us to develop a customised stainless steel modular cabinet to contain their liquid pumping system for oil platforms.


Customising the electrical enclosure

  • AZ modular cabinet in AISI 316L stainless steel.
  • Stainless steel protection window for pressure gauges, applied on a panel screwed directly onto the cabinet, with lexan door to allow visibility of controls mounted on another internal panel.
  • Front and rear hinged doors with accessibility on both sides and from above.
  • Bespoke internal brackets to support internal components.
  • Top with foamed cable gland plates for access from above to be able to install piping directly during installation.
  • Plinth with integrated sloping basin for collecting and draining liquids.
  • Walkable enclosure bottom.
  • Caps to protect the air filters.

Product pluses

  • A lifting beam has been integrated at the top to provide greater support than simple eyebolts even when there are several structures together to move.

Stainless steel protection window

Special lifting beams

Plinth with integrated tank