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Obrist: Electrical Enclosures for the Telecommunications sector

08 February 2023
Obrist: Electrical Enclosures for the Telecommunications sector

"We are an electrical installation company with a highly specialised team that offers professional technical solutions every day with competence and professionalism, putting customer satisfaction at the centre.

For us, project quality is essential, which is why we have relied on a partner like IRINOX."


Obrist SRL
Via degli Artigiani 11-12
I-39040 Velturno (BZ)
+39 0472 855 342



Obrist is an electrical installation company based in the province of Bolzano, Italy, which was looking for a reliable partner capable of guaranteeing high standards for applications in a variety of sectors, including wine, infrastructure, and transport.

In sectors such as these, stainless steel is the perfect solution, thanks to the ease with which surfaces can be cleaned, its durability and safety. This last factor is particularly relevant in the transport sector, also following some serious accidents in recent years.



Obrist needed electrical enclosures for an important project undertaken by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano in the telecommunications sector: the enclosures were to be used to create a GSM signal transmission system in road tunnels.

The system as a whole had the function of guaranteeing the presence of the telephone signal, which is of fundamental importance especially in cases of emergency. Although there are SOS posts, placed every 150 metres in the tunnel sections, travellers still prefer to use their mobile phones, hence the need to guarantee the connection.


IRINOX has been chosen as a partner for more than a decade because it has always been able to manufacture customised carpentry to the specific requirements of each of Obrist's projects, which have always been able to integrate perfectly into the customer's machinery.

An essential requirement was that the electrical enclosures IRINOX developed met the certification requirements of the customer and the often highly regulated application sectors.


Once the project requirements were understood, the IRINOX team formulated a proposal for a product solution.

The basic requirement of the application was the coexistence of two communicating 'compartments', but with different degrees of protection.

We therefore opted for the combination of two enclosures from the EKO series: one with an IP66 rating, already standard for all IRINOX enclosures, which guarantees total protection against dust and water jets, and one with an IP20 rating, capable of protecting the product against the penetration of solid bodies up to 12.5 mm in diameter.

The limited IP rating of the latter is linked to the presence of a micro-perforated flange, which is essential for the customer to guarantee the ventilation of the cabinet and the diffusion of the signal emitted by the installed system. 



Obrist is an electrical engineering company founded in 1977 from Albert Obrist's dream, operating in South Tyrol and internationally. The company benefits from significant know-how developed over the years, especially in areas such as plant engineering, building and industrial automation, low-voltage electrical systems, multimedia systems and lighting technology. Thanks to its highly specialised team, it is able to offer customers innovative turnkey solutions, all-round service and professional advice on project management, services and technical assistance.