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IRINOX enclosures applied to the energy sector: the ProControl case

27 April 2022
IRINOX enclosures applied to the energy sector: the ProControl case

“There are essential and shared values ​​that distinguish our relationship with Irinox Quadri: high customer service, flexibility and differentiation. Essential foundation for a successful and lasting collaboration! "

Jessica Tassi | ProControl Srl Supplier Liaison


ProControl Srl

Località Sforzesca - 29014 Castell'Arquato Piacenza (Italia) 
P: +39 0523 89 30 25


Passion, intuition, competence, punctuality and versatility have contributed to the growth of ProControl, characteristics that have allowed it to meet and exceed customer expectations. These are values ​​that ProControl shares with Irinox which from the first project undertaken has distinguished itself for the further basic feature: flexibility. Being flexible in front of the customer's needs, always ready to face the most delicate problems. Irinox deeply believes in responsiveness, in knowing how to evolve with the demands and challenges of the sector, where problems become opportunities for innovation and development.


Irinox guarantees high quality level and practical application solutions thanks to listening, constant research and flexibility. With ProControl Irinox enters the scene with the construction of stainless steel pressure gauge enclosure EKO model, in which to house the actuator control systems made by the customer.

Highly customized stainless steel enclosures, with increased thickness, obligatorily in 316L stainless steel as well as all the details and accessories that compose it. Special product intended for the oil & gas sector where stainless steel is a highly reliable choice.

The stainless steel enclosures made by Irinox for ProControl are perfectly suited for use in this sector.

Stainless steel is in fact recognized for being an extremely resistant material to corrosion and naturally predisposed to the protection of the materials it contains from chemically aggressive substances.


ProControl Srl, based in Castell'Arquato, in the province of Piacenza, has been active internationally since 2002 in the design and production of actuators and control systems for the energy sector. The production site in Castell'Arquato addresses its expertise to Engineering Companies and Energy Operators. Over the years, the company has been able to strengthen its position in an increasingly competitive and dynamic market, opening sales representation offices in Germany, Kazakhstan, China and the Emirates, guaranteeing a progressive and strategic development plan, with a focus on continuous improvement, innovation and state-of-the-art technology.


From the very beginning, ProControl has worked with passion and ambition, with the awareness of being able to differentiate itself and emerge as true Italian excellence in the world, for technique, quality and creativity. Our commitment over the years has been remarkable," added Zani. "Thanks to the perseverance and expertise of our staff, and the recognition of our customers, we now find ourselves at the top of a constantly evolving market."

Giulio Zani, Managing Director and Owner of ProControl