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Electrical Enclosures in the dairy sector: the viewpoint of Inoxstahlbau

08 February 2021
Electrical Enclosures in the dairy sector: the viewpoint of Inoxstahlbau

"We have been working for years with Irinox, for us synonymous with reliability and safety. We would like to pay particular tribute to the special Hygienic line, which we appreciate as much as we use it, and which has enabled us to increase the ratio of quality, productivity and hygiene in our operations”.

Andreas Schäfer | InoxStahlbau Director


Inoxstahlbau Srl
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Inoxstahlbau dedicates the utmost commitment to all the problems, requests and wishes of its customers, managing to always offer ingenious solutions.

Here is the value shared with Irinox Electrical Enclosures: the willingness to provide its customers with high professionalism to best meet the needs of interlocutors from different sectors, where hygiene, durability and high customization are fundamental requirements.

The dairy sector, to which Inoxstahlbau belongs, is certainly one of the most demanding sectors in the vast world of food& beverage. In fact, a great deal of attention is paid to the finishes and certifications of the machinery used, in order to guarantee high levels of quality of the final product and in general consumer safety.

And it is precisely in this logic that the partnership Inoxstahlbau – Irinox Electrical Enclosures is a winner. Both focused on the production of components with high-level finishes, determined to develop solutions that meet the growing needs of the market also in terms of certifications.



The main requirement of the sector in which Inoxstahlbau operates is that the cleaning of all the materials used is easy and effective

Here the certified push button boxes with silicone gasket and the hygienic line Irinox enclosures, DGUV certified, were perfectly suitable.

In addition, the IP66 and IP69K grades, which indicate the protection of the contents of the enclosures from the possible infiltration of food, dust and water jets during the cleaning phase and the FDA compliant removable external gasket suitable for contact with food, have perfectly responded to the customer’s need for high hygiene standards.



Since 1981 years in San Candido in South Tyrol, Inoxstahlbau Srl has been producing high-precision work in stainless steel. Inoxstahlbau makes use of the most modern and efficient production facilities covering the entire production cycle.

Its technological equipment includes a series of computerised machines that guarantee maximum precision and high flexibility in the completion of their products: installations for dairies and cheese factories, stainless steel platforms, piping, etc.