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Electrical Enclosures in the naval sector: the case of DMT Marine Equipment

13 September 2023
Electrical Enclosures in the naval sector: the case of DMT Marine Equipment

​"We work with multinational companies all over the world, and our customers have different requirements depending on the ship they produce. 

IRINOX has always adapted very quickly to all our requirements, giving us the opportunity to be more competitive".

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DMT Marine Equipment

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IRINOX Electrical Enclosures in DMT projects

For over 20 years, DMT Marine Equipment has been designing and manufacturing high-quality custom-made winches and other types of deck equipment. It is one of the leading companies in the naval industry, with more than  2700 vessels equipped so far.

DMT's products are built with the utmost precision and care to be reliable, highly performant, and fully operational in the harshest marine conditions.

"No concessions on quality" is the philosophy behind every process at DMT: from supplier Xion, through production, testing, and quality control.

Operating in a harsh sector such as the naval one, characterized by constant exposure to agents like water, saltiness, wind, and frequent temperature oscillations, requires the use of high-quality materials and components.  To stay true to its principle of making no concessions on quality, the company decided to opt for stainless steel electrical enclosures to be integrated into its projects. 

The customers' need

DMT's need was to find a partner capable of manufacturing electrical enclosures in AISI 316L stainless steel, with a low carbon content, customised for a specific project to be integrated on board ship.

Reliability was a critical factor in the choice: being able to count on a solid company, punctual in deliveries, with materials always in stock.



In choosing DMT, it was certainly a great source of value that IRINOX routinely processed AISI 316L stainless steel and was supplied with it on a constant basis, even during the most critical periods for the entire industry.

Furthermore, IRINOX's well-known ability to design highly customised solutions, built around the customer's needs, was exactly what DMT needed.

The product solution

IRINOX proposal for the project included a reworking of the ADH terminal box with a hygienic design, which enjoys IP66 and ATEX certifications.

The customisation of the electrical enclosure included:

  • The installation of the box on a stainless steel pedestal, also IRINOX branded.
  • The installation of a joystick to activate/deactivate the machine, protected by a cover to prevent accidental movements.
  • The welding of an "L-shaped" bracket on the ADH box and lid to give the customer the possibility of closing it (the opening of the lid can be customised according to DMT's specific design). 
  • The installation of an external earthing on both the pedestal and the box.

This electrical enclosure intended for the naval sector, in addition to meeting the technical requirements of the customer, also allowed a considerable improvement in the aesthetic lines of the product, thanks to the pedestal created ad hoc, with finishes that allow the brand to be recognised and identified for its quality.

Who is DMT Marine Equipment?

DMT Marine Equipment is an ambitious company that has been operating since 2001 in the naval sector, with production facilities of 5400 square meters, and plans to expand further.

DMT Marine Equipment is a one-stop shop for shipyards and fleet owners. The company provides complete and complex deck equipment for any type of vessel. Standard or customised, highly reliable, and user-friendly, the products supplied by DMT ensure full support to the vessels’ operations throughout their entire lifecycle. The successful combination of a professional and skilled team of engineers with precise in-house production of deck equipment along with hydraulic and electric control systems, enables DMT to offer complete solutions for any requirement.