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Minipan: Electrical enclosures in the Food industry

21 March 2023
Minipan: Electrical enclosures in the Food industry

​"At Minipan, we value respect for our customers and their baking culture; for us, it is the only way to achieve perfection. That is why we build the industrial lines and custom machinery that every great product deserves. IRINOX understands this need and for this reason we know we can count on their flexibility in respecting and responding to the customisation requests that come from the market."



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Minipan is a company from Italy specialising in the production of industrial lines for the food sector, more specifically for bread-making. In fact, it offers machines to bake different types of bread (ciabatta, baguette, pan bauletto, rusks, pizza bases), savoury snacks (such as breadsticks, crackers, taralli, friselle), simple or filled biscuits, as well as gluten-free products.

This type of machinery must offer the user high performance in terms of efficiency, reliability and design, even in the case of significant customisation. This led to the need to integrate high quality electrical enclosures into the Minipan industrial lines, but above all to make cleaning operations easy and accurate.



Minipan, with important know-how accumulated over the years, was working on two machines for industrial use:

  • SYR MATIC, a syringer specialising in the production of traditional extruded taralli, thanks to a special head that caresses the dough and gently deposits it on the belt. Thanks to its high potential, it can also be used for crushers and breadsticks.
  • COMBY, an automatic pastry moulder that performs the functions of pouring, syringing and wire-cutting different types of dough. This is made possible by a special 3-roller head made of stainless steel, which is safe and easy to maintain.

Minipan's need was to repay its customers for the trust they place in it by entrusting them with automating the process of transforming recipes into bags of sweet and savoury delicacies.


IRINOX was chosen as a partner because it assists the customer in every step of the process - a mode of operation also adopted by Minipan - but also because it shares fundamental key values such as respect, innovation and trust.

IRINOX has made product innovation and extreme customisation of electrical enclosures its strong point, a factor that has enabled Minipan to work on increasingly advanced industrial lines for the food sector.


The two industrial Minipan machines not only differed in the type of bread they baked, but also had completely different structures and requirements in terms of electrical enclosures.


As part of the Syr Matic taralli machine project, Minipan needed a stainless steel enclosure that would fit optimally in the food industry. The choice was the EKOH enclosure from the IRINOX hygienic line, with stainless steel hygienic lock, silicone gasket and recessed door.

The hygienically designed EKOH enclosure has a special layout with the door recessed in relation to the top, a feature that keeps surfaces clean, especially in the presence of materials such as flour or water (discover also our Certified Hygienic Line)

However, the Minipan enclosure was customised according to the specific needs of the machine: at the customer's request, the 30° inclination of the ceiling typical of EKOH was reduced to zero, in order to create aesthetic uniformity with the other parts of the machine and allow easy access to every area.




In the design of the Comby automatic pastry machine, on the other hand, customer-specific enclosures were made, utilising IRINOX's special skills in offering a highly customised product.

The EKO enclosure was the basis for customising the finished electrical enclosures in terms of:

  • Inclination, echoing the lines of the machinery, to allow the insertion of a screen positioned exactly next to the biscuit conveyor belt.
  • Fixing of the plate by means of pins welded from the inside given the position of the enclosure with the back partially exposed, thus maintaining a clean and elegant look.
  • Button holes of a size and position chosen by the customer according to his requirements.




Minipan was founded in 1985 by taking over the business and know-how from 'La Minipan di Folli S.r.l.', manufacturers of bakery machinery since 1957. From that moment, the company began to develop a strong research capability for the construction of special customised highly automated machines for the bakery sector. Today, with over 60 years of experience in the sector, Minipan occupies a leading position at national and international level, acting as a serious and precise partner.