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Brevetti Angela: Electrical enclosures in food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical primary packaging machinery

14 December 2020
Brevetti Angela: Electrical enclosures in food, cosmetic or pharmaceutical primary packaging machinery

"IRINOX is a company that has been supplying us for years with stainless steel electrical cabinets with high standards of aesthetic and technical quality, the staff is always available in solving any type of problem."

Donato Dalla Benetta | Q.A. Manager


Brevetti Angela Srl
Via Industria, 99
36071 Arzignano (VI) Italia  Ph. +39 0444 474200


Brevetti Angela’s ongoing quest for developing high quality, cost effective process, technology, equipment and machinery for primary packaging, very conveniently suit industries which carry out primary packaging of food, cosmetics or Pharmaceuticals.

Through innovative solutions, Brevetti Angela has been able to render the primary package more user friendly, yet more affordable.

Brevetti Angela has the will and ability to study, design and produce customised solutions for all clients, with the primary intent of high sterility assurance, and compliance to latest regulations, but without losing focus on cost reduction. And this is precisely the value it shares with Irinox.


Applications in the pharmaceutical sector must meet fundamental requirements. Aseptic material and cleanability of the surfaces and components used in the various production phases are among the basic characteristics. Irinox is able to fully satisfy these needs, thanks to its stainless steel. A metal with great qualities of corrosion resistance, thermal resistance and mechanical resistance.

A stainless steel that in contact with humid air or water does not oxidize but forms a protective surface layer that preserves it over time, thus making all the machinery resistant to, even the most aggressive, washing in production plants.

BREVETTI ANGELA uses APH pushbutton and ADH terminal boxes with hygienic design silicone gasket and customized drilling; AS compact cabinets and EKO enclosures with single and double door with coded key lock. Multiple products for multiple solutions. And all the fabrication developed to be better integrated into the design of the various customers' machines respond promptly and constantly to the required certifications.


Brevetti Angela was founded in 1977 in Arzignano, Vicenza. Its founder, Francesco Consolaro, who had been moulding plastic materials since the 1960s, decided to apply his experience in packaging techniques to the pharmaceutical world. The result is the development and patenting of the SYFPAC® system, an aseptic liquid packaging solution based on Blow Fill Seal technology. 

In continuous synergy with pharmaceutical companies, Brevetti Angela offers BFS filling equipment that meets the stringent requirements of the pharma world, as well as solutions for food & beverage or special applications such as cyanoacrylates.

Thanks to SYFPAC® and the continuous quest for innovation, Brevetti Angela is today synonymous with Made in Italy excellence worldwide.