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BIOMETiC: electrical enclosures for food safety

08 February 2024
BIOMETiC: electrical enclosures for food safety

"IRINOX is our trusted partner for electrical enclosures, offering customised and efficient solutions to optimise the operation of our innovative food inspection solutions.

The use of the AZ cabinet and customised panelling makes BIOMETiC Mito, the only tomograph designed for the food industry, suitable for the sector's stringent hygiene and health requirements, while maintaining an impeccable design."


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One of the sectors where IRINOX Electrical Enclosures have found, and continues to find, a natural fit is the food sector, where a high level of hygiene and sanitation is required to guarantee safe, high quality products and prevent risks for consumers and protecting the brand reputation of food companies.

And it is precisely in this area that BIOMETiC, an Italian company that has taken advantage of the know-how and decades of experience of its parent company MiCROTEC - a leader in wood scanning solutions - to introduce and adapt innovative technologies and solutions to the food industry, has chosen to head for.

BIOMETiC manufactures 3D X-ray inspection machines for the food industry and offers Mito as its flagship machine: the only computer tomograph developed specifically for food industry production lines

Mito's Computed Tomography uses technology to acquire X-ray images from all directions using a dynamic system that rotates the sensor, source and X-rays around the products as they pass through the production line. This process, known as inline CT, differs from traditional 2D scanners in its unique ability to generate three-dimensional (3D) images.

Mito's advanced technology enables real-time detection and offers outstanding accuracy in detecting foreign objects potentially present in food (e.g. detecting glass splinters in food containers).



At the embryonic stage of the project, BIOMETiC had envisaged manufacturing this food inspection system in painted iron, but after careful consideration of the close contact of electrical enclosures with foodstuffs, it preferred to play it safe and choose stainless steel.

To build the machine, BIOMETiC therefore needed a stainless steel electrical cabinet with a high IP rating, which would house various electrical components and the computers of the tomograph, the beating heart of the 3D X-ray scanning system.

The drivers had to be installed on a rack frame, while other components had to be fixed on an internal plate.


BIOMETiC appreciated the possibility of receiving a customised solution tailored to its needs, without sacrificing the required protection, resistance and hygiene requirements.

The IRINOX solution also guaranteed the client a significant cost reduction, thanks to the careful work of the sales, technical and production teams, so much so that, following the first version of the AZ cabinet, a second version was jointly designed, with customised panelling.


Customised AZ cabinet with rack mounts

To protect the various electronic components and tomograph computers of the Mito 3D X-ray scanning system, IRINOX has developed a modular AZ stainless steel cabinet.

The custom-sized cabinet has doors that open from both the front and the rear, and inside it houses a partial extension plate and special rack system brackets, which are used to install the computers and electronic components.

Like all IRINOX cabinets, it is equipped with galvanised iron lifting eyebolts, which allow for easy handling of the entire block.

Other customisations requested by BIOMETiC include the engraving of the company logo, in line with the special care and attention paid to the design aspects of the machinery, and the drilling of the side to allow the installation of an air conditioning device.


Bespoke stainless steel panelling

Another bespoke supply for Biometic involved custom-designed AZ panels and doors that could be mounted on the frame produced by the customer.

IRINOX produced a screen print on the doors and inner plate, which was fixed to the reinforcing frame of the secondary door leaf. Measures were also taken regarding the seal and shoulder of the sashes.


BIOMETiC was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of MiCROTEC, a world leader in the supply of measuring systems and the development of automated processes for the wood industry with over 40 years of experience and know-how. BIOMETiC effectively adapted the technology of its parent company's quality solutions, designed for high-speed inline scanning of biometric materials, to the context of the food industry.

Today, the company offers innovative solutions and tools based on advanced technologies, such as tomography and X-ray, integrated with artificial intelligence. These tools enable the automation and optimisation of production processes in the food industry, helping to increase food safety and quality. They add value to the final product, protecting consumer health and safeguarding brand reputation.