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Atcetera Gruppe and ADH Terminal Boxes for the electrotechnical sector

10 May 2021
Atcetera Gruppe and ADH Terminal Boxes for the electrotechnical sector

“For us, IRINOX is synonymous with speed, flexibility and accessibility. In addition, IRINOX's success factor is its ability to respond quickly and flexibly to the most difficult needs, and to make special ways possible! " 

Alexander Weigel | Head of Engineering

Atcetera Gruppe
Karl Baumann Strasse, 22  - 76316 Malsch, Germany
T. +49 7246 9252 


Atcetera Gruppe's primary objective is to ensure a high level of service quality and maximum customer satisfaction.

Irinox, which shares its value, is well aware that this involves a constant commitment to the study and development of innovative solutions that can meet and anticipate your needs.

Atcetera Gruppe and Irinox share the mission that customer management is fundamentally centered around values such as fairness, impartiality, attention to needs, confidentiality and transparency.

Common values that make it possible to establish lasting relationships with customers, based on dialogue, collaboration and trust.




Since 1999 Atcetera has been designing electrotechnical components for the world leader in the best-selling navigation systems in tunnelling worldwide. And it is precisely in this consolidated partnership that Irinox plays an important role in solving specific customer needs.

The difficulty of having to install multiple electrical components in a terminal box that is as small as possible is the customer's challenge. The application is intended for underground tunnels and is therefore exposed to very tough requirements.

It is necessary to manufacture a terminal box with the special dimensions and spacing to ensure project-specific operations.

Irinox solves these requirements by designing a terminal box in AISI 304 ADH stainless steel, ideal for the specific use of the end customer.

This is where the entire know-how of Irinox flows into the process to make special requests possible.

Winning synergy between Atcetera gruppe and Irinox! And hundreds of customized ADHs that equip hundreds of navigation, information, monitoring, communication and lighting systems.



Atcetera Gruppe is a small and prestigious German company that in recent years has seen an exponential growth both in terms of quality and esteem on the market.

Since 1999 Atcetera Gruppe, based in Malsch in the land of Baden-Württemberg, has been developing and producing special electrotechnical solutions for manufacturers ranging of broadcasting station technique up to tunnel drilling machines.

Atcetera Gruppe's customer specific solutions are used in international large-scale projects by global market leaders. The Atcetera Group is divided into three devisions  - Connect, Manage Energy and Joblight.

Atcetera Connect includes consulting, planning, development, design and manufacture of prototypes, devices, assemblies and control cabinets that can also be used in harsh environments if required.

Atcetera Manage Energy offers its customers the opportunity to integrate sustainable energy management into existing production structures through energy monitoring. As a result, energy costs can be reduced in all manufacturing industries.

Atcetera Joblight offers a wide and flexible range of LED lights, intelligent telecommunication and monitoring components as well as energy management for construction operations. Irinox stainless steel enclosures are used in all devisions, which are individually adapted to the needs.