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New SBVH arm support with hygienic design

15 May 2023
New SBVH arm support with hygienic design

IRINOX is striving to provide a complete product solution even in situations where very high hygienic standards are required.

One of the great strengths of IRINOX is precisely the breadth of its hygienic range, which offers two product lines: one with hygienic design and one with hygienic certification.

Within the former, a new accessory has been added, designed to match the EKOPH hanging control panel and support arms.


Discover the new SBVH hygienic design arm support here >

The hygienic design of SBVH

In addition to the existing, rounded stainless steel support suitable for wall mounting (SBV model), IRINOX has introduced a new SBVH hygienic arm support with an FDA-approved silicone seal.

Again with the aim of preventing the ingress of substances from outside, the SBVH cover has a seal applied to the underside and can be mounted using FDA O-ring screws on the underhead.

Another gasket supplied with the hygienic arm support is the one for wall mounting, including a cut-resistant profile to protect the cables.

A support for installing the EKOPH hanging control panel

A support is always required to install the EKOPH hanging control panel on the enclosure, compact cabinet, modular cabinet or machine via one of the IRINOX arms.

As this is a hygienic product, the bracket has also been developed with special attention to this aspect.

In fact, the EKOPH panel is fitted with the SBVH support, which is then fixed to the joint of the Xed arm.


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