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New packaging for IRINOX Push Button and Terminal Boxes

27 February 2023
New packaging for IRINOX Push Button and Terminal Boxes

RINOX Electrical Enclosures has redesigned the packaging of its push button and terminal boxes, perfectly espousing the direction taken towards formal cleanliness, elegance and communicative power.

The new packaging has been completely redesigned with a special focus on handling once received by the customer.

A new packaging with separate plate and screws

The feedback we receive from the people who work with us is vital: partly because it is inherent in our payoff 'Inside your needs' to facilitate our customers' day-to-day work, and partly because we are ambitious and want to improve every day.

Starting from this concept, we have therefore redesigned all our push button and junction boxes, which have been revised with a view to facilitating the operation of those who use our product.

Now, in fact, the plate and screws are inserted in the packaging separately from the push button or terminal box, which saves a lot of time and facilitates the efficiency of the operator. A feature that is already receiving significant praise!

Packaging that fits in with the company's sustainable strategy

Using packaging for our products that does not generate a substantial impact on the environment is a key issue for us at IRINOX Electrical Enclosures, consistent with our corporate model of achieving Carbon Neutrality by 2040.

In fact, all the packaging of our products are made of FSC®-certified cardboard and are fully recyclable and can be disposed of in the appropriate paper bins.