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New FPDH Protection Window with Hygienic Design

30 May 2023
New FPDH Protection Window with Hygienic Design

IRINOX expands its range of accessories: to the already existing line of protective windows, the new FPDH model is added, innovative for its hygienic features, which protects the display or any buttons positioned behind the transparent lexan door.

Made entirely of AISI 304L stainless steel, this special cURus-certified window with IP66 and IP69K protection rating, in line with the entire IRINOX hygienic range, finds its natural place in all enclosures, modular cabinets and compact cabinets of the IRINOX range, thanks to its minimalist and elegant design, characterised by a reduced depth (by 30mm).

A hygienic window for enclosures and cabinets​

What makes the FPDH window unique is its hygienic design, thanks to features such as

  • A hygienic lock made of AISI 316 stainless steel;
  • An FDA-certified silicone gasket guaranteeing maximum tightness and ease of cleaning;
  • Door design with rounded edges to prevent dust and debris from settling;
  • Concealed hinges, allowing the door to open up to 110° and facilitating cleaning operations.

A made-to-measure protection window​

In the IRINOX Electrical Enclosures catalogue, we offer the most common dimensions for FPDH protection windows, but we can make them to customised dimensions considering a pitch of 10mm.