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New EKOPH hanging control panel with hygienic design

05 May 2023
New EKOPH hanging control panel with hygienic design

The IRINOX range of hanging systems, control consoles and pulpits is now joined by a new hanging model with a distinctive hygienic design.

The new EKOPH hanging control panel is made entirely of AISI 304L stainless steel and is prepared for the mounting of the support arm to be fixed to the electrical enclosure (enclosure, compact cabinet, modular cabinet) or directly to the machine.

Its reduced depth allows the operator an agile grip to safely steer the control panel. Interaction with industrial PCs and operator panels of all control, supervision and industrial automation systems thus becomes easy and practical.

This UL-certified product has an IP66 and IP69K degree of protection, in line with the entire IRINOX hygienic line.

EKOPH hygienic design

The EKOPH hanging control panel is equipped with a rear door that, by means of IRINOX patented hinges, offers a left-hand opening of up to 115°.

An FDA-certified silicone seal is applied around the entire perimeter, making it suitable even for hygienically demanding sectors such as food and pharmaceuticals.

Added to this is a hygienic lock made of AISI 316 stainless steel and a front and back profile sloping on all sides of the cabinet, which prevents the deposit of dust and dirt.

A perfect match with the SBVH hygienic arm support​

Installation of the EKOPH hanging control panel on the enclosure, cabinet or machine always involves combining it with an arm fitted with joints (fixed or swivel) at the ends and a dedicated arm support.

The IRINOX hygienic range includes the SBVH hygienic arm support, made of AISI 304L stainless steel including an FDA silicone seal, equipped with a cover with seal on the underside mounted using screws with an FDA O-ring on the underhead.