Electrical enclosures in the food industry: hygiene thanks to stainless steel

13 April 2023
Electrical enclosures in the food industry: hygiene thanks to stainless steel

In the food industry, hygiene is strongly influenced by the correct design and use of machinery and related equipment. Added to this is the type of material with which products and components are constructed, including electrical enclosures, for which stainless steel is the ideal choice offering greater guarantees.

The food industry and hygiene standards​

In the food sector, the need to address the issue of hygiene emerged historically during the transition from the artisanal to the industrial phase. In an increasingly 'mass' society, all human activities necessarily have far-reaching effects, so that processing and distributing large quantities of food inevitably multiplies all the associated hygiene problems.

Nowadays, problems caused by a lack of hygiene are no longer limited to a family or a small community, as was the case during the artisanal era, but irretrievably affect entire populations, causing considerable inconvenience.

Hygiene: three fundamental aspects​

In order to prevent the outbreak of epidemics, three closely interdependent aspects related to

  1. food
  2. people and environments
  3. production facilities

Of these, the third point strongly involves IRINOX because the guarantee of the hygiene of production facilities derives primarily from the materials used in the construction of the facilities in question.

And to define the hygiene of a material, it is essential to use a series of co-ordinated combinations of parameters such as:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Absence of protective coatings that could tear, causing contamination
  • Porosity-free surface compactness
  • High removability of bacteria during cleaning cycles
  • Low retentiveness of bacteria after cleaning cycles

IRINOX's experience in the food industry

For years now, IRINOX and its stainless steel have been successfully entering the food industry, or more commonly referred to as the Food & Beverage industry, where a high level of hygiene and sanitation is required. In fact, it is well known that very often electrical enclosures are positioned right next to food preparation and handling lines.

A very accurate project was carried out in collaboration with TT Italy SPA, a Udine-based company specialising in the design and production of industrial cake lines, in particular for the production of sponge cake products.


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For requirements of this kind, IRINOX has designed a hygienically certified line of enclosures with features such as:

  • removable external silicone seals;
  • profiles with rounded corners;
  • sloping roofs;
  • hygienic locks;
  • internal hinges.

Another relevant project was the one shared with Inoxstahlbau Srl, a recognised Italian dairy company.

It was precisely the APH push-buttons with silicone seal and the DGUV-certified hygienic line enclosures that, having passed a strict control procedure, proved to be perfectly suited to the needs of the customer, who demanded maximum hygiene for their dairy and cheese production machinery.


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