10 Reasons to prefer stainless steel products over other materials!

27 January 2022
10 Reasons to prefer stainless steel  products over other materials!

Why should you prefer stainless steel  products over other materials? Below we give you ten reasons to do it!

There are many types of materials and steel, all with different characteristics. But for your products , Irinox Quadri works only and exclusively in stainless steel. Why? 

For its high quality, intended as a guarantee of performance over time and broad resistance to corrosion. Its ability to maintain its characteristics unchanged at various temperature ranges are a guarantee of fundamental importance in many sectors where the cost of maintaining the equipment is essential.

For its complete recyclability and the durability of stainless steel that allow a lower consumption of raw materials and consequently a more sustainable development and economic management of infrastructures.

For its flexibility and versatility, characteristics that have made it one of the indispensable materials in various sectors: from food & beverage to automotive, from pharma to transport. A material that easily adapts to the most varied needs.

For its inalterability feature. Stainless steel is an inert material, capable of not altering the colour, taste and smell of the substances with which it comes into contact.

For its important quality of hygiene and its high bacterial removability during cleaning. Features that make it the perfect material for equipment dedicated to the food and pharmaceutical industries.

For its simplicity of use: accessories and elements in stainless steel can be easily assembled, facilitating ease of assembly and use.

And finally, for its aesthetics. Its exquisite external appearance makes it a modern and bright material.

Irinox Quadri has been studying, designing and manufacturing stainless steel enclosures and cabinets for over thirty years. An experience you can trust! Visit our website and discover the wide range of Irinox Quadri stainless steel products! And if you still have doubts or curiosities, contact us!