Standard and bespoke solutions

Standard and bespoke solutions

IRINOX designs its stainless steel enclosures by studying the needs of the end user, employing a natural inclination to listen and discuss in order to achieve flexible solutions.

Flexibility means meeting the requirements of each individual customer while maintaining top quality. The quality of a product like a bespoke stainless steel enclosure can be guaranteed only by a team of highly qualified experts.

Due to their broad experience in the sector, the people at IRINOX are experts in the field. Using innovative technologically advanced machines together with ad hoc design made by our engineers, IRINOX can offer its customers the most effective solution every time.

Each standard product can be customized in terms of material, dimensions, drilling, etc., or unique solutions can be created by studying each customer’s requirements and needs.

By choosing IRINOX stainless steel enclosures and cabinets you can be sure to count on products designed and manufactured by our engineers to your requirements.

Have you found the product that suits your requirements but need to modify the dimensions or some other characteristic? Go to the PRODUCTS , download the DWG file and upload it in the ASK FOR INFORMATION section with the alterations your require.

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