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Heat dissipation
for enclosures and cabinets in stainless steel

To allow the heat loss inside stainless steel enclosures and cabinets to be checked, we provide the following calculation method, complying with Directive IEC 60890, which reports the maximum heat dissipation values from any housing type based on the resulting maximum inside overtemperature of the air.

Heat to dissipate Qd = Ss x Dt x k

Ss = total surface of exchange
Dt = difference of temperature between inside and outside
k = coefficient of heat transfer for stainless steel = 3,2 W/m2K
k = coefficient of heat transfer for painted stainless steel = 5,5 W/m2K
Ti = internal temperature
Te = external temperature

Insert the following values into the file

Insert the product code or the customized dimensions (W, H, D) and Ti, Te.

Heat dissipation for switch cabinets in stainless steel

In the following table the dissipation powers from the enclosure to the different applications are displayed:

  Enclosure placed on the floor (top view) Ss in m2 Loss Watt for Dt = 1
separate enclosure, freely accessible
separate enclosure, wall-mounted
enclosure free at the start or the end of the line
starting or ending enclosure, wall-mounted
central enclosure
central enclosure, wall mounted
central enclosure, wall-mounted with roof

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